Food + Yoga + Love

In 2008, I completed my Master’s degree in Food Studies from NYU and culinary training from  the Natural Gourmet Institute of Health and Culinary Arts. My professional culinary experience began as an intern at the world-renowned Golden Door Spa in Escondido, CA. I then continued my development in the kitchens of noted New York restaurants, Momofuku Ssam Bar and Hearth. 

I Am Nourished

Hungry to bring my food + yoga worlds together, I share a practice called I Am Nourished. Recognizing that hunger comes in many forms and nourishment comes from many sources, Nourish Workshops and Retreats combine the things I love most: yoga, mindfulness, self-reflection, storytelling, and yes! EATING. The result is a soul-satisfying blend of ingredients that feed body, mind and heart. 


I also have the good fortune of being the Managing Director of a nonprofit organization called Groceryships. Together, we support families in under-resourced communities, helping to increase their overall health and wellbeing by providing nutrition education and scholarships for groceries in an environment of peer-to-peer support. 


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Sample Menu of Food Workshops

 Feeding Your Whole Self:

Creating a Nourishing Relationship with Your Body and Your Food Choices


Our relationships to food and our bodies are informed by an incredible variety of sources—our physiology, families, personal tastes, societal standards, internal judgments, preferences and ethical considerations. Using simple mindfulness techniques, food journaling, and body awareness, together, we will unpack the complex issues of hunger, cravings, and food choices. Studying our habits, our body’s sensations, our emotions and our personal aspirations around food, we will develop a set of tools that can empower you to trust your body’s wisdom and eat from a personally informed place, so that your unique self will feel truly fed.


Food in the Real World:

A Survival Guide for Healthy, Happy Eating


Part 1: What’s on Your Plate?

In this workshop, we survey the environmental and ethical issues to consider when choosing what goes on your plate and in your belly including: the labeling and marketing of organic, natural, and industrial foods, to expensive “health” foods and supplements, to the elements of the Standard American Diet (SAD) and how to improve upon it.


Part 2: Strategies for Shopping, Stocking, and Cooking

Learn simple steps to help you create healthy meals, including: meal planning and shopping strategies, stocking a practical pantry, time saving tips in the kitchen, food foraging in the cafeteria, and meals on the go.


Part 3: Facts and Fads: Navigating the Diet Culture

Diet trends and even scientific studies about food and health are constantly shifting, leading to considerable confusion on what to eat, what to avoid, when, and how often. Together, we will examine some of the popular diets today including protein-dense options like Atkins, South Beach, and the Paleo diet, along with plant and grain based options such as Macrobiotics, Vegetarian/Vegan and Raw Foods. We will then discuss the ways to discern what path is right for you.


Food Alternatives: Delicious Ways to Revamp Your Food Routine


Simple ways to update your daily diet from meal staples to snack attacks. We’ll uncover natural alternatives to junk food, artificial diet products and sweeteners, and processed products.  Learn tips to increase flavor, nutrition and enjoyment without blowing your budget or tipping the scales.


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